Full-Time Nothing

Moore’s Law no longer applies to computers. It now applies to life, each day introducing an exponentially different reality.

Life has slowed to a halt. Upstate and offline (I have fought getting wifi until now), with 90% of my clients vaporized, life has ground to a halt. With restricted access to the data stream and my favorite humans, no meetings or shopping (and no mirrors in the house!), I’m really enjoying this break from the consumer grind. That is, until I remember that tomorrow — or tonight — will bring twice the bad news. I’m measuring my idyll in minutes.

Many of the chefs I admire will lose their restaurants in the coming weeks and months, putting thousands of their employees out of work. The spring benefit that I had helped Edible Schoolyard NYC put together — the one that brings in much of the year’s annual operating budget — was canceled, putting the organization, like so many nonprofits, in jeopardy. My neighbor up the hill runs New York’s Coalition for the Homeless. While I’m cooking and hiking in my unintended spare time, he’s staying in the city to deliver food and provide shelter, even though he has run out of masks and gloves for his workers.

So while it feels tone-deaf to send you links to more shit to buy and places to travel to (eventually! maybe?!), keeping your head in The Cloud when you’d profit more from spending time with your family, I hope that something in this latest smattering gives you something to look forward to.