Seeking Substance

Another newsletter? I know. Who has time? But time is what xtine is about — or rather, it’s for those who have more taste than time to sift through the noise. After 20 years at magazines like Bon Appétit and T, covering food, culture, fashion, beauty, travel, and more, I honed the art of hunting down the best story/thing/place, then making it accessible. When my friend Christene Barberich, cofounder of Refinery29, suggested I launch a newsletter telling women over, shall we say, 35 where to go and what to eat, buy, read, etc., I knew she was on to something.

Xtine not only shares my latest finds — be it a guide to new wine bars in Paris or a wrinkle cream made by a witch in a Marin County strip mall — it aims to provide moments of inspiration: some of my favorite people will join me to cook exclusive recipes and share advice on how to be a better boss/parent/human. Because we all need more cake — and more wisdom from strong broads.

So please subscribe below and forward this to friends — when you have a second.