Gift Guide | 12.19

1/ Tulle socks from Pan and the Dream walk the (back-seamed) line between sexy and strange.

2/ When Ali Slagle finally got off the waiting list for Rancho Gordo’s bean club, she added me to the list, too. Every few months, I’m gifted with a box of limited-edition and best-selling legumes, leading me down all sorts of fun recipe rabbit holes. (Cassoulet! Posole! Pasta fagiole!) #betterthanbirchbox Get your name on the list!

3/ Leave it to Salad for President’s Julia Sherman to come up with the delicious, low-alcohol beverage you didn’t know you wanted. To create Jus Jus, she and winemaker Martha Stoumen ferment organic verjus (the tart juice of green grapes) into a zingy sparkler that’s great solo or in a cocktail.

4/ The excellent new skincare line Haoma offers different botanical boosters every season, starting with CBD. (Next up: mushrooms!) This Cleansing Balm is perfect for soothing fussy winter skin. Available soon!

5/ This colorful Bubble teapot is edging me away from earth-tone Japanese ceramics. (Might just be a winter thing.)

6/ Admit it: You’ve unintentionally clicked on an Instagram ad, thinking it was a friend’s cool post. For me, it was this Bauhaus-inspired blanket. Jeez, Algorithm. Am I that obvious?

7/ Last Christmas, my friend Jay gifted me a subscription to Bookforum. I fell hard for the fresh writing (and the books covered) and re-upped for 2020. That’s not a hint, Jay!

8/ When I saw one of the Vapour founders wearing this off-kilter orange lipstick, I was inspired to deviate from my safe berry sheers. Bonus: The all-natural matte formula is light years from the muddy health food store sticks.

9/ The incredible Charlotte Druckman has compiled a mold-breaking collection of women’s musings about all things food. As impossible to describe as it is to put down. Brava!

10/ Chef Cortney Burns is my matcha role model. (I’m hoping to get her adaptogenic-laced recipe for the site — stay tuned.) So when she gave me Breakaway Matcha’s bright, smooth #94 blend, I took note. Currently working my way through their collection.

11/ Who doesn’t need a big, bright bowl? Raawii’s Danish-designed Strøm bowl in vibrant orange is even better given with citrus from Friends Ranch.

12/ Sure, the Nomad restaurant and floral space Il Fiorista is one of my favorite clients. But I’d be gifting this Jasmine Flower Honey Sugar — and the other botanical sugars, salts, and blends created by Cortney Burns — regardless. Also love the logo, designed by Leanne Shapton.

13/ Still doing jumpsuits, but these Tilit overalls in drab olive are my new winter wear-with-all.

14/ Talbott & Arding’s Christmas pudding is a delicious British classic (orange peel, three kinds of raisins, beef suet). The ceramic pudding basin it’s packaged in will ensure you continue to build your collection next December.

15/ Anyone who knows me knows that I live at Té Company. (I even get packages there.) And that I always order their pineapple linzers, made with sneakily spiced pineapple jam and finished with yuzu zest and flaky salt. Now that owners Elena and Fred are shipping them like hotcakes — they managed to get the domain name! — I’m sharing them around the country. (NB: They last forever in the fridge.)